Venture Forth, Chapter 6

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Immerse yourself in a diverse set of fantasy soundscapes with Venture Forth, Chapter 6. Packed with collaborations and patron requests, this album brings your tabletop adventures to life!



Venture Forth, Chapter 6 is your next auditory adventure! This album weaves a tapestry of musical tales, featuring a collection of collaborative and patreon-requested pieces. From dark and ominous soundscapes to playful melodies, each track is an immersive journey waiting to unfold.

Notable collaborations include ‘Beneath Ground’ created with Mikwewa Maps, and ‘Crimson Opulence’ with Chibbin Grove, and Barn of Creake with CzePeku Scenes. Delve into the mysterious narrative of ‘Whispers of Chaos’ inspired by Warhammer and requested by a dedicated patron or uncover the horror in the sci-fi piece ‘Pulse the Unknown’.

This digital album includes all songs in High-Quality format, along with their respective stems. Perfect for setting the mood of your RPG sessions, writing, or just chilling out. Experience the magic of each song and let the music guide your imagination!

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Includes the following

  • 10 songs.
  • Includes HQ, MP3, and OGG formats
  • A non-exclusive license and requires attribution.
  • Includes loops
  • Includes STEMS


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Frequently Asked Questions

I offer an ever growing selection of royalty free fantasy music. Please read the following before downloading it:

I love what you do. Is there any way to contribute?
Of course! I'm a full time composer, and I recognize it can be difficult to make a living out of it at times, specially releasing so much music for free. So any sort support you can give is always welcome. You can also support me on Patreon and Ko-fi.
Is it totally free?
Yep, it's totally free if the song is tagged as free and as long as you credit me. Check out the license info page for more details on proper attribution. If you can't credit me for any reason you'll need subscribe to my Patreon or pay a one-time license, contact me if that's the case. If you feel like your project can afford paying for music, please consider supporting me on Patreon or Ko-fi.
What are Stems?
Stems are included for my Patron's exclusive content. Ever wanted to remove an instrument you don't like from a song? You can do that with audio stems. The stems are audio files for the specific instrument families (woodwinds, brass, etc) in the songs. You can mix our tracks the way you need them. For instance, you might only need the percussion for a specific scene.
What is Royalty Free Music?
Royalty free music means that you get a license to use a piece of music, not repeatedly on a per-use basis. Normally such licenses are paid but as long as you credit me properly you can use it for free.
What sort of music rights do I get?
By downloading my free songs you become the owner of a non-exclusive license. Such license does not include releasing and distributing my music asĀ stand-aloneĀ tracks or albums . And also means I can keep on distributing the songs to other content creators to use in their projects.
Do you offer Exclusive Licenses or other sort of music rights?
If you're in need of exclusive and original music for your project check out my commisions page, I also write original music for media and video games. The terms of the contract can be arranged in different ways, depending on your project's needs.
Do I have to give credit when using your songs?
Yes. Attribution is strictly required for the free license. Patrons on the $10 and above, and those who buy special licenses for the songs (contact me if you need any) can use it without attribution in those cases where proper attribution is not possible. To learn more about the proper attribution check out this page.
Can you give me a written license?
Yes. You can find the written license here. In the unlikely case that someone would falsely claim my songs as their own you will have the license to properly dispute it. Check out my copyright page if you want to learn more about copyright strikes.