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Betting on Luck

Betting on Luck is a high-energy, fast-paced song that captures the excitement and thrill of gambling. The song is perfect for scenes set in gambling dens, as it builds tension with its driving beat and frenzied piano melodies. The song was written for Shepherds of Haven’s gambling scenes, providing a fitting soundtrack to the characters’ […]

A Cozy Tavern

I wrote this song for a collab with Maptime With Dad. With whom I started collaborating this week. He went into a lot of detail, working on replicating the Prancing Pony from the Lord of the Rings movies, and ended up with an amazing tavern map I plan to be using on my own D&D […]

Tavern Ambience

This song is part of my Atmospheres album, covering an array of fantasy ambiences. I’d call it fantasy elevator music, meant to suggest a place and mood. Ideal for writers, D&D players or anyone wanting to be transported somewhere far away. IMPORTANT: this ambience includes royaly free SFXs that were licensed to me, I wouldn’t […]

Red Fox Tavern

Red Fox Tavern, is a special and cozy tavern in a fantasy land. Come in, grab a glass of ale, and dance to the rhythm of fiddles.