Building Adoan: Fantasy Music

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Writing music requires inspiration of some sort, at least for me. Books, video games, and movies are definitely some of my biggest inspiration sources.

But at some point, I wanted to create my own source of inspiration, a world of events, characters and places straight out from my own imaginarium. A very cliche work, yes.

A fantasy world based on all the fiction I consumed since I was a kid. With elf-like creatures, dwarves, empires, magic and all that you’d expect from a high fantasy setting.

And with my upcoming album “Tales of Adoan” I thought it could be a good idea to present you the world where all my music tales will happen.

So enters The world of Adoan…

To be honest, I still don’t know much about this world myself. I’ve lots of mental sketches about its history, races, locations, events, but haven’t fully figured out all of it yet.

But I do know that The events that will be told musically in the Tales of Adoan all happen in the west, the west of the known world that is.

The songs of The World of Adoan

The Creation

The world started with a song, each note a rock, a tree, a spirit, each one giving shape to the world of Adoan.

Adelai Kingdom

To the farthest west, we have the forest kingdom of the Adelai, limiting with shores at the west and north, to the east with the expanding Jan Empire, to the southeast with the Scorched Lands and to the south with the Snowing Mountains, after which, the Scorched Lands also extends.

The Adelai are humanoid creatures, very similar to humans but a bit taller. They historically preferred the forests and jungles of Adoan to build their homes. Their last two remaining cities are the twin cities of Idar and Elerinn. Idar is near the east borders with the Jan Empire, while Elerinn is by the sea. These cities are populated by humans as well who coexists with the adelai in peace.

Once a great empire and nation, they’ve been mostly in decline since the Mour Wars but still hold the key to the survival of the known world.

Jan Empire

An industrious human civilization. They came from the east a thousand years ago and have been at war with the Adelai for the last ten years trying to expand their empire towards the eastern sea and into Adelai territory for reasons unknown. Idar could fall anytime now.


An ancient order of the Adelai, founded by the Llens, powerful magic wielders presumed extinct by most. They were the ones who defeated Vouphimoh during the Mour Wars and keep him from returning. The order is maintained by priests and priestesses from the Adelai. Their main temple is in Idar. where it is said that they safeguard the surviving Llens, including the legendary Orashai.

The Mour

A collective of humanoid nomad tribes that still live in the Scorched Lands. They are the descendants of Vouphimoh’s minions who survived after the Mour Wars. After the wars, they were exiled to the Scorched Lands but have been growing in numbers. They also learned to domesticate many of the mutated monsters from the Scorched Lands.

The Lost Dwarves

Once close friends to the Adelai they have disappeared from the world. After the Mour Wars, the few survivors left went underground and sealed themselves in the Snowing Mountains. Losing all contact with the surface races for three thousand years, most races have forgotten them and those who remember, consider them extinct. Away from the surface they have endured and thrived beyond belief.

Discovering Stormwall

Stormwall is a fortress at the southwest corner of the Jan Empire, very close to the borders of the Scorched Lands to the south. The place is ancient and its unknown origins precede the Jan Empire and even the Adelai. It’s a been a pilgrimage place for most races since times unknown and the monks who maintain the place are rumored to have strange powers.

Final words

These are the writings I’m using to inspire the albums based on Adoan and I publish them almost as an experiment to find out if the music is able to communicate the story behind it. I wonder myself what can music and written stories accomplish by themselves in contrast to the music with lyrics and highly produced videos exciting our senses.