Shepherds of Haven Volume 1 OST: The Musical Journey Awaits!

Album News

Hey everyone!

I’ve got some news. The Shepherds of Haven Volume 1 OST is officially released! This has been a passion project, an attempt to capture the essence, emotions, and stories of Lena Nguyen’s brilliant video game, “Shepherds of Haven.”

Dive Deep into the Soundscape

This album is an orchestral whirlwind, echoing the vibes of a world where free will clashes with destiny, light intertwines with darkness, and every corner holds a story.

You can soak in the tracks on various platforms:

And if the music sparks curiosity about the world it paints? Dive into the Shepherds of Haven game itself and experience Lena’s masterpiece firsthand.

A Little Extra…

In addition to the album release, the music library just got a boost! 39 fresh tracks are now live, teasing the audio landscape of three upcoming projects. I’m stoked about this, and I believe you’ll love what’s coming.

Thanks for joining me on this journey. Sharing these sounds with you all, sounds that echo a story I deeply admire, has been pure joy. Let me know your thoughts, favorite tracks, and any moments from the game that resonated with you!

Keep the music playing,